Welcome to the Population Health Blog: First Posting

We’ve launched!

You are reading the new “PopulationHealthBlog.” It is sponsored by the Population Health Impact Institute, a non-profit 501c3 entity. 

This blog is geared for anyone with an interest in population health interventions, especially the methods used to support claims of their impact. These include:

  • Companies that have achieved METHODS EVALUATION PROCESS (MEP) accreditation or are applying for accreditation
  • Individuals who are MEP certified or are in the process of being certified.
  • Individuals who have attended our workshops.
  • Anyone with an interest in learning more about the evaluation of wellness, disease management, patient centered medical home, payment for performance, and other initiatives designed to improve the health of populations.

The blog is especially aimed at the dozens of volunteers and committee members that have helped craft our message and advance our mission and goals: 

Here is our goal in a nutshell.   The goal of the PopulationHealthBlog is to use the written word from fellow members of our community to improve the delivery of population health management services. 

The method used to achieve this goal – and this approach represents the unique niche of the Population Health Impact Institute – is to promote

  • The use of transparent methods employed to attribute the population health intervention to outcomes
  • The accurate use of evidence from these methods to infer impact – including objective levels of certainty – of these interventions.

We look forward to your contributions.

We invite you to view or comment on www.populationhealthblog.org.