MEP Certification-Individual Level: The MEP provides training and certification in basic principles for designing methods to measure outcomes, which can be applied to virtually any health care service or program.It was designed primarily for individuals without advanced training in health services research and outcomes analysis, or “non-experts.”  The MEP program provides instruction based on a framework of scientifically rigorous principles used by health outcomes research professionals.  This framework is referred to as the PHII Standards. Experts in the evaluation of health care services and population health management programs can also benefit from MEP, as the PHII Standards and terminology used in the program will facilitate communication with non-experts. Anyone with a professional interest or role in designing and implementing health care services or programs, or evaluating and comparing their efficacy, will learn the fundamentals of how to:

  • Design a transparent method for attributing (cause and effect) a program to its outcome
  • Evaluate a program’s effectiveness on a defined population
  • Critique the strength of the attribution of reported outcomes to services provided
  • Compare the significance of the attribution methods and reported outcomes to similar services.

Obtaining MEP Certification Individuals may achieve MEP Certification through a variety of venues. Certification indicates that an individual has successfully completed training in basic knowledge and principles of PHII’s Methods Evaluation Process (MEP), including a detailed understanding of PHII’s “attribution” Standards. On-Site Workshops Workshops in MEP training and certification can be conducted at your place of business, or at venues selected by 3rd party organizations who wish to sponsor a workshop event.  Call PHII for details and group pricing.
On-Line training and certification

Individual’s can enroll in PHII On-Line training and certification program and proceed through the self-paced training modules prior to taking the certification examination.

MEP Certified Individuals — First Wave (12-17-09)

  • Harris Allen, Ph.D., Harris Allen Group, LLC
  • Lisa Bemben, MPH, Nurtur
  • Joel V. Brill, MD AGAF CHCQM, Predictive Health LLC
  • Garry Carneal, JD, MA, Schooner Healthcare Services, LLC
  • Joe Chimera, Ph.D., DxConnect, LLC
  • Victoria Choate, RN, CCM, RN-BC, CCP, WINhealth Partners
  • Kathy Craig, MS, RN, CCM, Craig Research Continuum, LLC
  • Tricia Cross, MS Nurtur
  • Lynne Crowley,  MHA, Next Generation Events
  • Vicki Marshall Darlington, MPH MLA
  • R. Allen Frommelt, Ph.D., Nurtur
  • Carolyn K. Hamm, Ph.D., Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • Clinton L. Jasperson, M.Ed., WINhealth Partners
  • Mary Madison, MPA, AHIMA Foundation
  • Randall H.H. Madry, Preventing Colorectal Cancer.Org
  • Gary Montrose, Montrose Healthcare Strategies LLC
  • Mary Beth Newman, MSN, RN-BC, A-CCC, CMAC, CCP, Wellpoint Center of Medical  Excellence 
  • Mindy Paulet, MS, Worklife Progams at Purdue University 
  • Howard Rosen, MBA, Life:WIRE® Corp.
  • Patricia Salber, MD, MBA, Universal American
  • Jonathan Savelle, WINhealth Partners
  • Connie Sunderhaus, RN-BC, CCM, CXJ Corporation
  • Rosalind Washington, MBA, MHSM, Texas Health Resources
  • Regan Weaver, Schooner Healthcare Services, LLC
  • Thomas Wilson, PhD, DrPH, Trajectory® Healthcare, LLC