28 March

Deploy Rapid Epidemiological Survey Techniques NOW to quickly and credibly assess COVID-19 threat

Summary: Trump administration’s idea to make evidence-based decisions on interventions based on ranking counties by Coronavirus risk requires credible data. Such data does not exist today. Deploying rapid epidemiological survey techniques is the answer to generate such data. I fully support the President’s effort to use data to assess risk and potentially relax social distancing requirements […]

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  • Tom Wilson


19 August

Understanding the Importance of Validating Non-Published Health Research and Its Impact on Outcomes: Why Nullius in Verba is Significant

Science is under assault world-wide. Thus, the underlying principle of empirical science, the Latin term cited in the title ”Nullius in Verba” — which means: “Don’t take anybody’s word for it”, is probably under question too.  Many believe that the operative slogan now is this; “Take anybody’s word for it” (assuming that that particular “anyone” […]

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  • Tom Wilson


20 April

Relevant Thought Pieces – Defining Population Health

In an effort to share relevant news regarding population health, research methods, transparency and other topics related to our core mission, PHII is encouraging members to share interesting articles as part of a new “Relevant Thought Pieces” blog segment. The first of these relevant thought pieces, recommended by Dr. Tom Wilson, is a recent blog […]

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  • Tom Wilson


31 July

Comparative Effectiveness Research Ramps Up

One of the cornerstones of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is the establishment of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).  PCORI is an independent, non-profit organization charged with “evaluating and comparing health outcomes and the clinical effectiveness, risks, and benefits of medical treatments, services, procedures, drugs, and other strategies or items that treat, manage, […]

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  • Tom Wilson


04 March

27 February

Nice Write-Up On 3/11 Webinar by Dr. Siderov

Click here.

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  • Tom Wilson


23 November

We launched the H-TAP! (The "Health Care Transparency Program")

Click here for entire news release.  Nice quotes from Nurtur & Universal American are included  Nurtur: “Nurtur is proud to be the first health management organization to have five of our chronic condition management programs accredited pursuant to the H-TAP Standards,” comments Bryan Mullen, Nurtur Chief Information Officer. “Historically the area of evaluation and measurement has been the subject […]

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  • Tom Wilson

10 August

Recent Mentions

Recent mentions in the press: “More Transparency Is Needed on Comparative Effectiveness Research.”  Disease Care Management Blog. June 4, 2009 “Comparative-effectiveness group talks big money”.  Modern Healthcare.  May 15, 2009“Diversity, Transparency Issues Raised at Comparative Effectiveness Hearing”  Health Leaders Media. May 15, 2009

12 May

PHI Institute selected to present 3 minute comment to the Federal Coordinating Committee on Comparative Effectiveness Research on behalf of ABQAURP, AHIMA Foundation, CMSA, IHPM, & PHI Institute: 5/13/09

To the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research: On behalf of the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, Inc., the American Health Information Management Association Foundation, the Case Management Society of America, the Institute of Health and Productivity Management, and the Population Health Impact Institute, we thank the Federal Coordinating Council […]

17 March

Uncle Sam Wants You (Please consider us too)!

Our posting in response to a Disease Care Management Blog. Click here.

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  • Tom Wilson
  • MEP

16 March

Comparative Effectiveness Discussed in the NYT: Some love it, some hate it, some are in-between

Check out the discussion of comparative effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and the like following Professor Uwe Reinhardt’s posting in the NYT’s Economix blog

11 March

Welcome to the Population Health Blog: First Posting

We’ve launched! You are reading the new “PopulationHealthBlog.” It is sponsored by the Population Health Impact Institute, a non-profit 501c3 entity.  This blog is geared for anyone with an interest in population health interventions, especially the methods used to support claims of their impact. These include: Companies that have achieved METHODS EVALUATION PROCESS (MEP) accreditation […]