Join Us For Complimentary Webinar on 3/11 “The Value of Transparency for the Evaluation of Wellness and other Population Health Programs:”

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LOVELAND, Ohio / Insurance NewsNet / February 23.  The Population Health Impact Institute (PHII), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is pleased to announce a complimentary webinar on March 11, 2010, entitled “The Value of Transparency for the Evaluation of Wellness and other Population Health Programs.”  

This webinar will highlight why industry leaders agree that methodological transparency is essential to evaluate population health programs and design new programs.  But what exactly should be transparent?  The panel will discuss a novel and adaptable evaluation framework, based on generally acceptable evaluation principles, ready-made for “comparative effectiveness” decision-making, and designed for expert and non-expert evaluators.

The session will be moderated by Walter J. Talamonti, MD, MPH, Corporate Medical Director of Ford Motor Company.  Speakers include Dr. Thomas Wilson, PhD, DrPH, Chair, Population Health Impact Institute; Joe Chimera, PhD, Founder & Managing Director, Dx Connect, LLC; and Garry Carneal, JD, MA, CEO, Schooner Healthcare Services, LLC. 

In this 60 minute session, attendees will learn about:

  • The role of transparency in the  “comparative effectiveness” movement in health care
  • The value of transparency in evaluating “return on investment” (ROI) models
  • The need to use uniform principles and methodological standards to enhance accountability and comparability
  • A review of essential  “Generally Accepted Evaluation Principles” used by expert evaluators
  • The need for a communication strategy between expert and non-expert evaluators
  • An introduction to PHII’s programs: 
    • “Methods Evaluation Process™ (MEP™) Certification Program
      • Designed for non-expert evaluators ;
    • “Healthcare Transparency Accreditation Program”™ (H-TAP™)
      • Designed for “real world” population health programs
  • A prospective look to see how PHII’s peer-reviewed “Transparency Standards” and the “Transparency Checklist” can be used in the future
  • Some background on PHII’s mission, projects, and volunteer opportunities. 

Dr. Talamonti will lead a discussion based upon these topics, as well as comments and questions from the participants.   The webinar is directed to healthcare professionals of all types including providers, benefit administrators, consultants, brokers, public policy officials, and others.   
Webinar Details:
Date:  Thursday, March 11
Time:  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST
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For additional information about the Webinar or PHII, please contact PHII at or (513) 349-5846.
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Population Health Impact Institute (PHII). Founded in 2004, PHII is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to promote credible, transparent, standardized, and replicable impact evaluations of defined population health management programs for public and private sector organizations through education, research and benchmarking services.   See for more information or contact Lynne Crowley, MHA, Co-chair, Outreach Committee, Population Health Impact Institute at or (513) 349-5846.