In the Arena: Our public comments in May are part of the FCCCER report

The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research (FCCCER) just released their report see:

Look on page 55:  Our comments on transparency of methods were addressed

“Several respondents also addressed the need for greater transparency throughout the process. They talked about the critical importance of transparency for reducing bias and  rebuilding trust, and they recommended that researchers show results prior to adjustments as well as adjusted results. Respondents who tackled the issue of transparency  also talked about the need to disclose in detail the  methods and metrics used in any research. One respondent  stressed that patients and providers need to know all the  inputs that go into a research analysis so that they can  weigh the costs, safety, and quality issues appropriately  in each instance. A corollary to transparency is addressing potential  conflicts of interest. Respondents talked about the need  to develop a strong and clear policy for conflicts of  interest in both research and publishing, and suggested that funding decisions for CER should favor researchers and institutions that are focused on the public interest  and do not have current conflicts. They also talked about  the need for 100-percent disclosure and transparency at  the outset of all conflicts by individual researchers and institutions.”