MEP™ Certification

Instruction in designing transparent methods for evaluating health outcomes. For both non-experts and health outcomes research professionals. Click link for more information and pricing.

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H-TAP™ Accreditation

Establishes that stated outcomes attributed to a health management program are evaluated and reported with a transparent method, in compliance with PHII’s Standards

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Our Dedication

The promotion of high quality and transparent attribution methods


As the costs of health care continue to rise, private and public sectors are demanding transparency of medical pricing and quality to protect consumers and promote more informed purchasing decisions. A significant, but often underappreciated goal of this transparency movement is the attribution problem: The “methods” used to attribute quality outcomes to defined interventions must be transparent in order to determine if we are giving credit where credit is due.

Our Programs

To advance the ability to make transparent attributions between intervention and outcomes, the Population Health Impact Institute (PHII), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has developed the Healthcare Transparency Accreditation Program (H-TAP) and the Methods Evaluation Process™ (MEP™)  Certification Program. The goal of the H-TAP (for programs) and the MEP (for individuals)  is to promote high quality and transparent attribution methods.