We launched the H-TAP! (The “Health Care Transparency Program”)

Click here for entire news release.  Nice quotes from Nurtur & Universal American are included 

Nurtur: “Nurtur is proud to be the first health management organization to have five of our chronic condition management programs accredited pursuant to the H-TAP Standards,” comments Bryan Mullen, Nurtur Chief Information Officer. “Historically the area of evaluation and measurement has been the subject of much debate and contention in the disease management industry.  By participating in the extremely rigorous PHII review process, and successfully completing the H-TAP accreditation for our programs, we continue to provide the confidence of transparency in demonstrating program impact to our clients.”

Universal American:
 Patricia Salber, MD MBA, Chief Medical Officer of Universal American Corp, states “H-TAP is essential for our business.  On a going forward basis, it will allow us to apply a uniform set of peer-reviewed transparency standards to different population programs–all requiring different attribution methods and metrics. One-size-fits-all does not works with shoes, or program evaluation.  H-TAP standards also provide a framework and lingo for more efficient and effective internal and external communication regarding our value.”

Your comments on this unique accreditation program are appreciated!