Strategic Alliance between AHIMA Foundation and PHII

On April 28, 2011, the Population Health Impact Institute (PHII) and the American Health Information Management Association Foundation in (AHIMA Foundation) entered into a “Strategic Working Relationship on the Advancement and Accessibility of Scientific Knowledge in Health Information Management.” The goal of this relationship is to expand the healthcare community’s access to timely, evidence-based, actionable best practice information across the various settings and modes of healthcare delivery by making that information accessible and understandable to all.

Based on the new relationship, the leading organizations PHII and AHIMA Foundation will work collaboratively on advancing this mission. An initial project will be that PHII and others will strategically choose evidence-based articles from the AHIMA Foundation’s online peer-review journal, Perspectives in Health Information Management, filter them through its customized peer review process, and deliver the reformatted version to a wide audience in a way that delivers on its mission of increasing the “learning” and knowledge transfer taking place in healthcare.

The reformatted articles can be submitted to Healthcare Effectiveness Review, a new breed of peer-review journal published by Dorland Health in collaboration with PHII. Healthcare Effectiveness Review combines original, evidence-based content with original articles as well as selections nominated by Dorland, PHII, AHIMA, and others of previously published material. Original and nominated articles are all vetted through the exclusive PHII process based upon the Healthcare Transparency and Attribution Principles (H-TAP). To ensure integrity and transparency, PHII and the AHIMA Foundation will only include articles for additional peer review that have obtained prior consent by the original author(s).
This strategic working relationship can be changed from time to time by mutual consent.

Thomas Wilson PhD, DrPH &  Mary Madison, MPA
Board Chair, Population Health Impact Institute &  Executive Director, AHIMA Foundation