The RESOURCE page currently has links to historical material in the area of ETHICS, EVALUATION, and ARTICLES.  These resource have been on PHII’s web site since its inception. The three areas are: Ethics, Evaluation, and Articles, all of which remain relevant.

An internal ad hoc committee co-chaired by Mary Madison, PHII Board member, and Gary Montrose, co-founder of the PHII, has been formed and provides these recommended links to external and credible resources regarding comparative effectiveness research.  The PHII believes that all “research” must be compared to something (i.e. a refernet) therefore, in the broadest sense we are advocates for sound, valid, and transparent comparative effectiveness research & analysis.

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Federal Agencies Funding Comparative Effectiveness Research- ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)

*The amounts cited in this section were provided by this link to the ARRA

Policy/Institutes for Comparative Effectiveness Research

Research Organizations/Aggregators

Associations Supporting CER

Foundations Supporting CER

 Consumer Information Services

“Emerging Players”