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The Transparency Pledge

The Transparency Pledge
Advancing Accountability in Health Care

Error and bias may influence the evaluation process and, therefore, the reported outcomes of health-related products and services.  To reduce such influences, I pledge to adhere to these core principles.

1. Objectivity

I shall strive for objectivity and will make a concerted effort to minimize the intentional introduction of personal, organizational, and methodological biases of any evaluation process in which I am involved.

2. Transparency of Methods

I shall make every effort to describe in detail all relevant methods and measurement parameters used in impact assessments which I believe may influence the reported outcome results of any evaluation process in which I am involved.

3. Transparency of Interests

I shall disclose any significant personal, organizational, or financial interests which I believe may directly or indirectly influence my judgment of any evaluation process in which I am involved.

Adherence to these core principles will serve to advance credible and defensible decisions regarding the allocation and efficient delivery of health services for any defined population.

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Please note: (1)Degrees, Organization, and Title are optional fields. If you do not wish to disclose that information publicly, please leave the appropriate field blank. (2)Your information will not be used by PHII for any purposes not directly related to PHII. (3)Pledge signatures are public and will be displayed on the signatures page. (4) Submitting this form constitutes express consent to these terms.

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